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Exciting news afoot.

I have been fairly quiet on socials for a few weeks, because, something very exciting this way came.

In May I accepted the offer to work as part of the renowned and acclaimed Bothy by Wlidsmith team at Heckfield Place.

To say it is an honour to be part of such a diversely, knowledgable team is an understatement. I am working alongside true artisans within the Wellness industry and can’t tell you how much I have seen my own practise level up in the past 3 months.

But, don’t worry.

SOUL is still very much at the forefront of everything I do, I am still offering appointments, however, due to my increased schedule, my diary is booking 3/4 weeks in advance.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your continued support in my business and reassure you that I am 100% committed to you and SOUL.

With changes comes change and I need to start being stricter with my terms and conditions of appointments and voucher usage.

Please may I make you aware that on the day cancellation of or missed appointments will be chargeable, if you need to change anything please do give me 24 hours notice.

With regards to gift vouchers, I have done my very best to honour these, even when they have over reached the expiry date.

I won’t be able to accept any further vouchers that are out of date, but as a good will gesture, I would like to offer you 15% off your next treatment.

I can’t wait to bestow the benefits of working within such an institution upon you.

All my love,

Pen x

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