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I am so glad you came.


I am Pen. 


I have always been a spiritual being and from a very young age I was told that I held magic in my hands.  I knew that my calling in life was helping, healing and loving others, even when they could not love themselves.

Having trained in my 20's and worked in some of the UK's most prestigious, award winning spa's and aesthetic clinics, I am extremely proud to say that I have created the most authentic, intrinsic wellness space that celebrates you. 

Every little bit.

Even the bits you may not like.

I am a Reiki Master, Advanced Wellness Practitioner, Skin Expert, Spiritual Warrior and Safe Space Holder.  When I say you are safe with me, you are just that.  No explanations neccesary, no judgment given, just love.

This vocation, career, life long love affair with helping and healing others, is quite honestly the reason I get up in a morning and I am deeply grateful to do it every single day.

I am here if you need me,

All my love,

Pen x

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